Monday, September 10, 2007

Why Furries Rule the World

From Savage Love:
Whatever your research indicated, "furries" and "furry fandom" arose out of a love for anthropomorphized (i.e., talking) animals, anything from Yogi Bear to Disney's Robin Hood to Planet of the Apes. Just about every major science-fiction convention used to have a "furry" party, where people of like interest could watch G-rated furry videos, trade sketches of furry characters, and talk about their fan interests.
We here at Everyone Hates You! fully agree with this sentiment. Furry fucking is the greatest thing to ever come out of human sexuality. What we enjoy even more is Furry fucking in Second life! You know you're a real winner if you can't even get enough real furry lovin' in real life that you go to the intarwebs for more!

Nail her Spot! give it to her! you fucking stud of a man!

Get a fucking clue - stop pretending to fuck animals you sickos.


Anonymous said...

fuck you ya prood, its not like any won is really listening to you anyway.. Maybe its just me. but ill take a fox girl over an average slut any day and I'm proud of it! so shut the hell up and keep your petty hatred to yourself

Anonymous said...

meh, humans are animals. animals fuck animals.

plus its better for people fuck animals digitally then real life right?

so leave the animal fuckers alone...if its their fantasy to wank off to pretend animals, its their right...just like its your right to wank off to whatever sick fantasy you have...freak.