Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cosplayers are Retarded

via Wired:
A popular hobby among devotees of anime and manga, cosplay — costume combined with play — pays tribute to fans' favorite characters. Donning a costume offers shy geeks an anonymous mode of self-expression and fun. Traditionally homemade, cosplay attire is now easy to find in shops catering to otaku. From roots in Japan, the phenomenon has gone international: The world's largest cosplay event, Comic-Con, takes place in San Diego. But the center of the cosplay universe remains Tokyo's Akihabara district, the vast high tech mall where teams of enthusiasts perform spectacularly choreographed dances set to manga theme songs.

Seriously... move out of your moms basement and get some real friends. This is no way to succeed in life. You will be made fun of, shunned, not given job opportunities and your significant other (if you find one) will be fucking weird as shit. I could go on and on about all the reasons why you shouldn't do this stupid shit I certainly can't think of one good reason to continue with the weirdness!

Ok so maybe some sexy women do the whole Cosplayer thing... but they are probably paid models ;)


Anonymous said...

They cosplay cause theyre racially intermixed fucked up retards not the other way around.Quitting it is a step but probably wouldnt help them very much.Possibly they'd just find another weird hobby or some shit.

Anonymous said...

Where'd you get the sample picture? They're cute.

(... sidenote, what the hell employer is going to be checking to see if an applicant cosplays? The only jobs I can think of that would give a shit would discriminate in favor of cosplayers... wait.

NOW I get it.

You're trying to get people not to mention cosplay in job interviews, so YOU'LL get the job.